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Metal Barcelos Rooster

 Metal Barcelos Rooster
Metal Barcelos Rooster
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Barcelos cock in hand painted metal. Made in Portugal

LEGEND: Legend has it that at some point in medieval times, a crime occurred in the city of Barcelos that no one was able to solve. It turns out that a young Galician who was passing through the region on his way to Santiago de Compostela to fulfill a promise was accused by the residents as a suspect in the crime and was eventually sentenced to hang. Pleading innocence, the young man asked to be taken to the judge and so it was done. At the meeting, reaffirming that he had not committed any crime and in the face of the laughter of the judge and others present, the young man pointed to a roast chicken on the banquet table that took place there and said: “It is so right that I am innocent, how right is that rooster sing when they hang me. ” Of course, everyone continued not to take the boy seriously, however, at the time of hanging, the rooster got up and crowed! The judge, desperate, went to the gallows to try to avoid injustice and arrived in time to see the boy survive because of a bad knot in the rope. Loose and acquitted, the Galician returned years later and built the famous Cruzeiro do Senhor do Galo, in praise of the Virgin Mary and Saint James.

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