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Religious Books

Religious Books
Book "Memories of Sister Lúcia II". This second volume, written by Sister Lúcia and published in 1999, contains the fifth and sixth memoirs, offering a picturesque view of the Shepherd families and their Catholic practices...
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The book "Saints Francisco and Jacinta" is based on the Memories of Sister Lúcia recounts the apparitions of Fátima, sharing the words of the messages of the Angel and Our Lady to the three little shepherds...
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Book "The prayers of the saints" Book "The prayers of the saints"
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Book "The prayers of the saints", with 31 prayers to saints for every moment of your life, for each day of the week, devotions for different circumstances and needs. A companion for all hours!..
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Book "The smile of God" - A year with Padre Pio..
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Book composed of wooden structure and a handmade work of sheets of paper with a golden touch, on one side it has an image and on the other it has a prayer of the respective image, ideal for landing.Prayer "Our Lady of Fatima bless our home and all those who enter it, family and friends are welcome t..
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